Sustainability Institute, Stellenbosch. Photo by Graeme Holliday

Making music is Mapumba’s core wellbeing practice. It has helped him heal from the wounds of life, find new hope, and feel more grounded. He has also spent many years exploring how different cultures and spiritual traditions approach the relationship between the mind, body and soul. Through this he has developed his own understanding and practices that continue to evolve as his self-investigation deepens. 

He is currently seeking to better understand which aspects of his work nourish him the most, how to prioritise these and still live in financial abundance, and how to walk through life in a way that feeds the wellbeing of his family, his community and the world.

With Congolese roots and strong global influences, his music serves up a unique blend of Afro-folk, soul, and dance. His songs touch on uplifting themes like courage, unity, compassion, love, prayerfulness, and joy, and the thread that connects them all is his lifelong search for wellbeing. 

Mapumba is always looking for new ways his music can contribute to individual and collective wellbeing. If you are interested in inviting him to perform at an event or collaborating on a project, he would love to have an exploratory conversation.

Photo by Graeme Holliday @graeholliday